Design Your Own Tutorial

Create and customize any of your favorite quotes right on your computer or phone.

1) Start by selecting "Design Your Own" from the top menu.


2) Open the Design Your Own Studio.


3) Edit Your Canvas
First, resize your canvas to fit your surface (wall, furniture, glass, etc.) Select "Your Wall Color and Size" with the ink droplet from the menu on the left side. From here, you can change the color of the canvas to match your paint and even resize the canvas to match the size of the surface you will be installing your Wall Words. 


4)  Add Text
Select "Add Text" or the "A" icon from the side menu to start customizing your quote. This will bring the "Add/Edit Text" window to view.


5) To customize your quote:

- Step 1:  Enter your text in the top box labeled, "Your text here".  You can pick any of your favorite quotes, simply type it into the box.
If you need inspiration, browse through our quote selection (shown below).

- Step 2:  Choose your font style under Font options. Your words will appear after you hit the blue "Add" button. You can find a list of our fonts here.

- Step 3:  Choose your font color by selecting the black box.  This will bring a pull-down menu with all of our available vinyl colors. 

- Step 4:  Select the blue "Add" box to add your quote to the center canvas.



6)  Edit Size (inches)

Sizing is measured from the highest point of your quote to the lowest, including any overhangs or underhangs-- In other words, this is your overall size.  You can find this by simply selecting your quote. The measurements are given along with a dotted box around your text. 

To adjust the size of your quote, you can pull the double-sided arrows on the dotted line around your text.  You can also change the size by editing the numbers listed on the left-side menu under Size. Sizing is measured in inches.


7)  Text Effects and Tools

- Text Effects:  You can create arches and waves with your quote using this tool.

- Tools (Gear icon):  You can choose to customize the arrangement of your quote using these tools. There is also a "cut" and "paste" option to duplicate a selected quote onto the canvas.


8)  Make sure your quote is completely on the canvas. 

Use the Zoom slider to see the entire canvas. If your text is off the canvas, we cannot see your text! Go back to Step 3 and adjust the size of your canvas (wall) or adjust the size of your quote to fit correctly on your surface. 


9)  Adding a Pre-Selected Quote

You can add a pre-selected quote from one of our many categories by selecting the "Add Quote" button from the menu (icon looks like 4 horizontal lines).


10)  Adding Clip Art or Graphics

Select "Add Gallery Artwork" from the menu (image icon) to browse through 1000+ of our images to embellish your quote. We have artwork for every type of theme or design!  You can customize the color of the artwork in our gallery.


11) Uploading Artwork

Select "Upload Artwork" to import your own image to the canvas.  Please read the terms and conditions regarding copyright images prior to uploading your image. 

Images must be:
- Jpeg, Gif, Png, or Svg format (vectorized images are best)
- Images with a white background will be printed with a white background. Uploaded images come AS IS.
- If you have an Ai or Eps file that you would like to produce, please contact a customer service representative so we can review the file and process your order.


12)  Save & Share (Airplane Icon)

Save and share your design with friends, family, and even social media! 

- Share Your Design:  Clicking this option will save the elements on your canvas and generate a unique URL.  You can copy this URL and send it to share it.

- Save For Later:  Save your design for review at a later time by selecting this option. You must assign your design to an e-mail.  Please remember which e-mail the file is saved to, as you will need to re-enter this information to pull up your design.

- Load:  Load your design by entering the e-mail associated with your saved design. Your design can only be loaded if you saved it with an e-mail at an earlier time.  Simply being logged into your customer account will NOT save your design. 


13)  Add To Cart

To complete your design and move on to checkout, simply add your design to your cart at the bottom right corner of the Design Your Own Studio.  The price of your design is shown as well.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this process.

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