Q: Are the letters vinyl product and how do they stay on the walls?
A: Yes, it is a thin and flexible vinyl with a light adhesive backing. Wall Words vinyl letters work best on walls or any other smooth surface like glass.

Q: Will the lettering adhere to any surface?
A: The letters will apply to most smooth surfaces. It is important that the surface be clean, smooth, dust, grease and contaminate free. Lettering is suited for flat, orange peel and some light knockdown or other textured walls, painted walls, smooth wood, metal, plastic, mirrors, glass wood furniture, windows, glass and various wallcoverings. Not all wall papers and paints are created equal, as some have better surfaces than others. When using the lettering on wallpaper or custom wallcoverings (AT YOUR OWN RISK) request a practice sample to test the surface in an inconspicuous area that will not show if damage does occur. Please request one of our FREE practice samples prior to placing your order.

Q: What types of surfaces will my Wall Words NOT adhere to?
A: Heavily textured walls are not recommended as they may not adhere and can damage the vinyl during installation. Heavily textured surfaces include heavy knockdown textures, porous and uneven wood, stucco, brick, concrete block, suede paints or wallcoverings, and sand paints. Request a FREE practice sample to text in an inconspicuous spot prior to placing your order. Do not apply to freshly painted walls or areas that are exposed to high temperatures or environmentally compromised.

Q: I just painted my walls, can I put up my Wall Words as soon as they arrive?
A: Wall Words and our vinyl supplier both recommend at least 3 weeks dry and cure completely before applying Wall Words. A coat of primer under your paint will help the vinyl adhesion process. The most common types of paints, such as latex and oil-based paints work best. You may experience adhesion issues with high-gloss, eggshell or glazed painted surfaces. (See Paint Issues) Please request a sample of the vinyl before ordering if you have any doubts about your surface. For best results, allow the sample application to sit for few days to a week to determine if there is any lifting or peeling of the vinyl.

Q: Will Wall Words adhere to all paints on the ; market?
A: Wall words will adhere to most paints including latex and oil-based paints with the exception of heavy, highly textured paints or some of the new “green” paints. Other paints that would benefit from testing the vinyl are “designer” paints, such as, suede, magnetic and faux paints. We highly recommend requesting a free sample to test in an inconspicuous spot.

Be cautious of low VOC, VOC-free, or “green” paint as problems have been reported with the vinyl not adhering to these surfaces. (Icon that links to “Can WW be used on “Green or Earth Friendly Paints?”)

Q: Beside the new “Green” paints, what other factors should I be aware of that can cause poor adhesion?
A: Some have already been covered, but to reiterate: (1) Dust, dirt, smoke, grease (cooking and others) or any other contaminants that may be on the wall. (2) Poorly prepped walls. (3) Freshly painted walls that have not had enough time to cure. When considering the cure time, please factor in the pigment of the paint. Light colors a minimum of 2 to 4 weeks cure time. If a dark pigment, it can take up to 90 days. You can do a “test strip” to check for adhesion properties to determine if the gasses have leached sufficiently. (4) Wallpaper or other wallcoverings. (5) Patched areas on the wall that have not been primed and painted. (6) Heavy textured walls, knockdown texture or an exceptionally heavy orange peel. (7) Moisture behind the sheetrock or high humidity areas such as mud or entry rooms, bathrooms and garages.

Q: I am having a hard time transferring my Wall Words to my wall surface, what do I do?
A: Make sure that the Wall Words and the surface are at room temperature. If the surface is too cold, using a hair dryer, 6” to 8” away from the surface of the backing and transfer paper, on low heat gently bring the surfaces to room temperature. Caution; avoid overheating the Wall Words to avoid damaging and prevent the vinyl letters from detaching from the transfer tape.

Make certain that the surface, you are applying the Wall Words, is cleaned and free of any dirt, dust, or grease and completely dry before applying. This includes candle soot, cigarette, cigar or pipe smoke.

Q: The vinyl won’t release from the transfer paper? ;
A: After you have burnished the Wall Words onto the wall, take a damp sponge and wet the surface of the transfer tape before peeling it away from the lettering. The water will allow the vinyl to releaser from the sticky tape. Be sure that both the wall and the Wall Words are at room temperature.

Q: My Wall Words will not ; come off the paper backing. 
A: Firmly rub the surface of your Wall Words with your burnishing too (plastic card) several times to press the vinyl into the sticky transfer tape and try application again. You may need to lay the quote face down so the solid colored paper is facing up. Gently pull the backing paper (solid color) away from the transfer tape (translucent/masking sure that the tape is pulling the vinyl off the paper.

Q: My walls are heavily textured can I still use Wall Words?
A: Not directly on these walls. There are other ways you can display your Wall Words. You can adhere Wall Words to a smooth surface such glass, a board, mirror, plexiglass, and hang these on the wall. Wall Words will also adhere to various tile products and metal.

Q: Can Wall Words damage my walls?
A: If your wall has a good coat or paint on it and has been cleaned as outlined, they are easily removed. Any sticky residue left can easily be cleaned and removed by using rubbing alcohol or mild cleaner and a clean towel. However, with any decorative agent, there is always the possibility for damage. We cannot guarantee the condition of your wall and are not responsible for any damage that is a result of bad preconditioned walls.

Q: I want to put my Wall Words in the bathroom, will the humidity damage the Wall Words?
A: No, once the words have been applied the humidity and heat will not affect your Wall Words. However, they will not have the longevity of walls that are not subject to continuous heat and humidity. Over time, it can weaken the adhesive.

Q: Can I remove and reuse my Wall Words after they have been installed?
A: Unfortunately, No. They are a one-time only use product.


Q: How do I take the lettering off?
A: You can easily remove your Wall Words using a pair of tweezers to pull them off. If they have been up for several years, the vinyl may harden. Lightly heat the surface and vinyl using a hair dryer before peeling. If there is any sticky residue on the surface, simply wipe with a clean cloth and rubbing alcohol or mild cleaner.

Q: How can I clean the Wall Words?
A: Treat your Wall Words like you would treat any painted surface lettering. Carefully wipe with a clean cloth and mild detergent and water bath.

Q: Can Wall Words be stored for long periods of time?
A: We recommend that you install your Wall Words as soon as possible, within 2 to 5 days for optimal performance. However, they can be stored up to six months if stored in a cool, dark place. Exposure to sun and heat may degrade the adhesive properties of the vinyl.

Q: Once I put up my Wall Words how long will they last? 
A: Depending on the surface and environment, Wall words can last for months or years. Indoor Wall Words will last much longer than those applied to exterior exposure. The vinyl we use has a three-year exterior rating. Consequently, it will last far longer on indoor walls.

Q: How do the Wall Words come? Do I have to put up each letter that forms the word?
A: No, all the letters are prepositioned to form the individual words of the decal using an application tape, transition paper, this is removed after you have applied and burnished the letters onto the wall. Once the transition paper is removed all you see is the letters or design. They give the appearance of having been painted onto the walls.

Q: Are your “online” color chart colors a true representation of the color?
A: We have made every effort to represent them as accurately as possible, however, due to the many varied computer monitors, the actual color of the vinyl may vary to some degree. We recommend that you request a “FREE” color sample if you have any doubts.

The new “low VOC or “VOC free” paints, aka, “green earth friendly” paints have been proven to deter the adhesive from bonding to them. In order to lower or omit VOC’s from the paint oils have been substituted and it is these oils that repel the adhesive.

The vinyl manufacturers are busy working on adhesive solutions since this is an industry-wide predicament. However, there may be ways that your Wall Words may work on these surfaces. The vinyl manufacturers have outlined the following steps.
• Make certain your wall is pristine clean.
• Using a practice sample, follow the instructions up to the removal of the transfer paper. Do not remove immediately, allow at least 30 to 40 minutes. This will allow the adhesive to bond with the paint. After the wait period slowly, at an angle, carefully peel off the transfer paper.
• Leave the practice sample on the wall for a minimum of 24 hours. Watch for lifting, bubbling or the letters falling off the walls.

• Use 70% Isopropyl Alcohol. Place the Isopropyl Alcohol on a clean white cloth and wipe down the inconspicuous area where you will place your practice “test” piece. Repeat this process two to three times.
• Let it dry for three to five minutes
• Adhere the “test” vinyl to the clean area. Check the area after 24 hours.


• Latex paints work best
• Use accepted brand name, high quality, paints and check with the paint store if they are a “Green” paint.
• Smooth, semigloss or gloss enamel paint work well with Wall Words

With the development of so many new types of paint being produced, we highly recommend that you request a free “practice” sample to determine if your Wall Words will adhere to your newly painted walls.

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