Design Service

Design Service for personalized wall stickers and personalized vinyl wall decals.

With our custom design services, we are able to create personalized wall stickers and personalized vinyl wall decals to your exact specifications. You can work and communicate directly with our production and design team to design your Wall Words your way. Choosing our custom design service will allow you to see the progression of your design at each step with full visuals.
Rate: $75/hour, or priced for the corresponding proportion of design time
Steps for Customization

Give us your idea or quote. Don’t have one? No problem, our in-house designer can create one for you!


We come up with a design and layout for your space. You receive your 1st design and proof.


If some revisions need to be made, let us know and we will adjust your design.


Once the design is approved, we proceed to production and shipping.


Send us a photo of your installed wall word to be featured in our customer gallery. You may have a chance to win a $25 gift card in our monthly photo competition!

Why should you use our service?
Not only do we offer quick and easy service, you are working directly with our design team to complete your creation. You can have access to many custom fonts, colors and graphics that are not available on the website. We can even match colors using Pantone, RGB, CMYK or HEX values.