How to Install

1. Surface Preparation

Use a tape measure or a ruler to determine the exact area where the application will be placed. We recommend drawing a light horizontal guide line or use a small pieces of masking tape. Make sure the surface is clean and smooth. The application will not adhere to stucco or brick like surfaces. Words can be cut apart and stacked in rows, put on an angle, or arranged around and on windows, doors or on most wallpaper. Taping them lightly in place first will help you plan your layout.

2. Prepare Quote

Some applications will come in rolls because of the length. Unwrap the application and let it set flat until it stops wanting to roll back up. The application has a transfer tape (looks and feels like white masking tape) on one side and backing paper (white and shiny) on the other. Before peeling the back paper off, burnish (rub) the surface of transfer tape to insure the applications is adhered solidly to the transfer tape. (Letters or shapes may pull away from transfer tape during shipping)

3. Application

Flip up the application and carefully peel the backing paper away from the application, which should remain on the transfer tape. The application cannot be repositioned, so be careful to line them up where you want them. Place the taped quote on the pre-measured surface, using the lines to position the vinyl correctly onto the surface.

4. Burnishing

Using the burnishing tool that cames with your package, carefully press out to the edge any air bubbles out from underneath the application. Burnish again, apply more pressure over the entire area.

5. Transfer Tape Removal

Carefully peel back the transfer tape. This will leave the application on your surface. Enjoy your new look.