Frequently Asked Questions

Order FAQ:

Q:  How long does it take for my order to be shipped?
A: Generally 1-2 business days for all custom orders, however, this time may vary depending on the level of intricacy related to your design.   Please allow 1-5 business days from package pick-up for your order to be delivered.  Delivery time may vary due to weather conditions in your area.

Q:  I need my order right away, can I get my order expedited? 
A:  It depends on your order.  The earlier you notify us about a rush order, the more likely it will be expedited to you. We currently offer Priority, 2-day and overnight delivery for expedited shipping.

Please contact us by e-mail, Live Chat, or call our Toll-Free number at (888) 855-3152.  A customer service representative will be with you as soon as possible! 

Q:  Will my order come in the layout shown in the preview?
A: For the most part, yes. Order will be aligned to match your custom design or the preview shown ion the product page.  
Please note:
 Larger quotes and images may be shipped in separate panels or strips to allow for easier installation. (i.e. It's easier to install strips of a 6ft x 6ft tall tree than the entire thing at once)

Installation FAQ:

Q:  Will the lettering adhere to any surface?
A: The letters are made of thin vinyl material similar to stickers and will apply to most smooth surfaces. The lettering is suited for flat, orange peel and some knockdown, textured walls, painted walls, smooth wood, metal, plastic, mirrors, glass, wood furniture, windows, glass and various wallcoverings. Please note that all wallpapers and paints are not created equal, as some have better surfaces than others for our vinyl. Using a primer beneath your paint creates a smooth and clean surface which allows for optimal adhesion.

Q:  What types of surfaces will my Wall Words NOT adhere to? 
A:  Heavily textured walls are not recommended as they may damage the vinyl during installation. Avoid heavily uneven surfaces such as heavy knockdown textures, porous and uneven wood, stucco, brick and uneven wallcoverings. We also do not recommend applying your Wall Words to freshly painted walls or areas that are exposed to high temperatures or environmental wear.

Be cautious of low VOC, VOC-free, or "green" paint as the vinyl will not adhere to these surfaces. You may also experience adhesion issues with high-gloss, egg shell or glaze painted surfaces.
*Wall Words, LLC will not be responsible for any products that do not adhere to surfaces using this type of paint.  Refunds and replacements will not be issued in for these situations. Please contact us for more information.

Please request a sample of the vinyl before ordering if you have any doubts about your surface.  For the best results, allow the sample application to sit for a couple of days to observe for lifting or peeling. 

Q:  I just painted my walls, can I still use Wall Words?
A:  We recommend at least 3 weeks for the paint to dry and cure completely before applying Wall Words.  A coat of primer under your paint will help it stick better.

Q:  My Wall Words will not come off the paper backing.
A:  Firmly rub the surface of your Wall Words with your burnishing tool (plastic card or wooden craft stick) several times to press the vinyl into the sticky transfer tape and try again. You may need to lay the quote face down so the solid colored paper is facing up. Gently pull the backing paper (solid color) away from the transfer tape (translucent/masking tape) making sure that the tape is pulling the vinyl off the paper. You may need to press the backing paper into the tape and burnish it a few times. Repeat as necessary. Lifting the edge of the vinyl off the backing paper and sticking it against the tape also helps you pull the vinyl from the paper backing.  *Photo directions can be provided upon request*

Q:  I am having trouble transferring my Wall Words to my surface.
A:  Make sure that the Wall Words and the surface you will be applying to are at room temperature.  Gently warm the vinyl and surface to room temperature with a blow dryer if necessary. The blow dryer should be no closer than 6” to 8” from the surface of the backing and transfer tape. 

Make sure that your surface is cleaned and free of any dirt, dust, or grease and completely dry before applying your Wall Words.

If the vinyl is having trouble releasing from the transfer tape, take a damp sponge and wet the surface of the transfer tape before peeling it away from you wall and vinyl.  The water will allow the vinyl to release from the sticky tape. 

*Caution:  Please do not overheat your Wall Words as this may prevent the vinyl letters from detaching from the transfer tape.

Q:  Can Wall Words damage my wall?
A:  Our Wall Words are easy to remove without leaving residue or damaging walls.  Any sticky residue left can easily be cleaned and removed using rubbing alcohol or Goo-Be-Gone.  If your wall has a good coat of paint on it, there should be no damage.  We cannot guarantee the condition of your wall and are not responsible for any damage that is a result of a bad preconditioned wall.

Q:  Can I reuse my Wall Words after they have already been installed?
A:  No, our Wall Words are intended for one-time use.

Wall Words Maintenance FAQ:

Q:  How do you take the lettering off?
A:  You can easily remove your quote using a pair of tweezers to pull them off.  If they have been up for a couple of years, the vinyl may harden.  Lightly heat the surface and vinyl using a hair dryer before peeling.  If there is any sticky residue on the surface, simply wipe with rubbing alcohol or “Goo-be Gone”.

Q:  How do I clean around the quote?
A:  Treat your Wall Words like you would hand painted letters.  Carefully wipe with a clean cloth or use a squeegee.

Q:  How can I store my vinyl for long periods of time?
A:  We generally recommend that you install your Wall Words as soon as possible, however, their longevity may be preserved when stored in a cool, dark place.  Exposure to the sun and heat may degrade the adhesive properties of the vinyl. For best results, please apply your Wall Words within the first week after receiving them.

Design Studio (Design Your Own) FAQ:

Q:  I uploaded a .JPG image into the designer and want it printed.
A:  All .JPG images that are imported into the designer will be printed as is.  If the image has a white background, it will be printed with a white background.  To avoid a white border around your image, please upload an image with a transparent background (such as a .PNG).

Q:  I cannot load my logo to the design studio.
A:  The design studio only accepts .JPG, .GIF, .SVG or . PNG file formats.  For all others formats (.PSD, .AI, .PDF) please send your inquiries to as they will require review by our production team before the order is placed.

Q:  How do I measure the size of my letters?
A:  Sizing is measured from the highest to the lowest point of your quote. This applies to quotes that have letters that come above and below the lower case letters. In otherwords, we do not measure by the size of the letters, we measure by the overall width and height of your quote. The best way to design your quote is to measure the space that you are looking to fill, and adjust the design studio canvas to match your designated size. Once the size is adjusted you can add your quote and customize the size to fit your wall space. 

Refund, Returns and Cancellations Policy:

All custom designs are made to order.  We cannot accept any cancellations after your order has been processed for production.

If you receive a defective product, please provide photo evidence of the defect in order to request a replacement. We will attempt to troubleshoot if it is an installation issue and determine what may have caused the error. If the defect is due to a production error, we will send you a replacement, free of charge.

If you are requesting a refund due to a defective product, please send us a photo of the product for review by our production team.  If the product is approved for a refund, you will receive your refund in the same method of payment you used to check out.
Please note:  We cannot reimburse the cost of shipping.

Lost or damaged orders in transit will be reviewed with the postal carrier and addressed per situation.